We believe everyone deserves true individual data ownership, privacy, and security.

The Data Problem

It's your data

It's time to take it back

Every day, you create value, just by living your life. Every step you take with your fitness tracker, every mile you drive with your connected car, every photo you post and comment you make -- it all adds up to valuable, actionable data. 


Companies, governments, and organizations take this data, pump it through ever more powerful artificial intelligence, and create valuable insights - then they sell those insights to people who want you to buy something or vote for someone.  

But the truth is, YOU are the one doing all of the work and YOU are the one whose privacy is being invaded.... it's time to fight back. 

Developers will be able to add data ownership, privacy, and security to any app or website in a matter of minutes.

Developer Friendly

We believe the data that you create is yours.Through our consumer app, you can securely store and share your data. 



You shouldn't have to worry about the security of your data. Large scale data breaches will cease as companies are forced to value your data and protect it as though it were their own.


We believe in an open ecosystem where customers, application developers, and service providers come together to decide what services and data should be shared and how.  


1. Create an Account

Create a Rownd Account and add your App

2. Add Data

Add the API, SDK, or code snippet to your App/Website

3. Data's secure

Your customer's data is secure and they now have complete control over it!