Bring the best of Data Ownership and Privacy to your app and website in minutes

Our Mission: We believe in a world where everyone has individual data ownership, privacy, and security.
Our Story

We know how hard it is to create a great website or app.  Add to that new Data privacy law requirements (like GDPR, CCPA, and 150 others), added consumer pressure for data-ownership, and the need to protect personal data, there is no time to actually create, you are stuck just maintaining 

Our Vision

We want any App and Website owner or developer to  be compliant with every changing Data Privacy laws in minutes and give their customers can have complete control over their personal data.  


The Rownd platform uses its proprietary stack of encryption, sharing mechanisms, and easy to use APIs to create a first-of-its-kind experience.  Giving Small and Medium businesses the ability to add Data Privacy and Ownership to any app or website


How it works in 3 Steps

1. Send Rownd your customer's PII

De-risk your website, app, and business by offloading the data security and privacy responsibilities to Rownd.  Using Rownd's easy to use API (REST or GraphQL) to securely send your customer's data to the Rownd platform where we secure it and make it ready for your users to claim it.   Concerned about GDPR or CCPA?  Check out how Rownd can help reduce your GDPR and CCPA risks, costs, and time.  

2. Give your users ownership over their data

The Rownd platfrom includes the End-User Portal, where your customers can quickly see what data is being stored, how it is being used, and quickly update, share, or stop-sharing personal data.  This self-service functionality can save hundreds of hours a month in data requests alone AND gives your app or website a leg up on the competition by creating good will with your customers.  

3. Retrieve data with Rownd's API (REST and GraphQL)

Your app and website (or backend microservice) can still retrieve any piece of data the customer continues to share, utilizing Rownd's APIs.  With GraphQL, organizations can still run large queries and batch operations, without having to worry about if a piece of data is up to date or allowed to be mined.   Derisk your organization by offloading the new data laws and rules to us, so you can focus on your core business.  

Save time and focus on your apps/business!

170 hours

Number of hours per month a SMB spends searching and deleting personal data for data requests

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