Our Story

We know how hard it is to create a great website or app.  Add to that new Data privacy law requirements (like GDPR, CCPA, and 150 others), added consumer pressure for data-ownership, and the need to protect personal data, there is no time to actually create, you are stuck just maintaining 

Our Vision

We want any App and Website owner or developer to  be compliant with every changing Data Privacy laws in minutes and give their customers can have complete control over their personal data.  


The Rownd platform uses its proprietary stack of encryption, sharing mechanisms, and easy to use APIs to create a first-of-its-kind experience.  Giving Small and Medium businesses the ability to add Data Privacy and Ownership to any app or website


How it works

Data ownership centric

We aim to solve the underlying data privacy problem by giving your customers ownership and control over their data.  We take care of data security, we take care of data privacy, and we take care of the "right to be forgotten" requests.  

Rownd does the heavy lifting so you can focus on building killer apps and great websites.  

Built for data ownership

Rownd utilizes a cloud-first, performant built stack whose foundation is focused on data-ownership.  Data is encrypted for the end-user (your app's user)  and through our Personal Owned Data (POD) orchestrator, we drive sharing/trading of data into the solution as well.  Finally, we have an easy to use interface for the end-user so they can execute their own "right to be forgotten" requests.  

Easy and Fast

We have years of SaaS and Cloud experience and our dev tools show our commitment to making Rownd easy to use.  With a GraphQL API (and REST if you want it), SDK, and Code snippets, you can easily add Rownd to any App or Website in minutes. 

Save time and focus on your apps/business!

170 hours

Number of hours per month a SMB spends searching and deleting personal data for data requests