We’re on a mission to move the world towards true data ownership, privacy, and security. 



We believe in democratization of data and a safer, more secure connected world. We believe people own their data and should be empowered to choose whom they trust with it. 


The why:


In order to protect all humans’ rights from governments, oligarchs, corporations and any coercive leverage.  Knowledge is power and those that can aggregate the most data likewise aggregate the most power. As individual data ownership and privacy are eroded by technologies built to do so the world separates into a new class of haves and have nots.    We must create a world where we can each Really OWN Data (ROWND).




  • Customers own their data.

  • Customers’ data should be secure and private.

  • Customers should explicitly opt in to any external data sharing.


Mission and Values

The Team

We’re a team of enterprise cloud engineers, product managers designers and researchers that are motivated by the Mission. We want to save lives and drive security protection and ownership of data.


We’ve spent years building cloud-based platforms and ecosystems and we are excited to bring those skills and experience to bear on these problems.