COVID 19, Pandemics, and Data Ownership

"Wash your hands, work from home, AND SHARE YOUR DATA!"  The latter request is impossible right now, but in a future pandemic, data ownership will play a major role.  
Our Story

We know how important data is to make the right decision.  So many early decisions in the COVID crisis were made with limited data from questionable sources.  Our team has created data management platforms for some of the largest enterprises on earth and we using that expertise to create a new world around data ownership. 

Our Vision

We want to enable businesses and apps to quickly ask customers to share their information or request more personal data so better decisions can be made in pandemics.  We want anyone to be able to quickly take their data and share it with those that need it.  


The Rownd platform uses its proprietary stack of encryption, sharing mechanisms, and easy to use APIs to create a first-of-its-kind experience.  Giving Small and Medium businesses the ability to add Data Privacy and Ownership to any app or website


How Data Ownership will help fight future pandemics

Track and share positive tests

There is no doubt there will be a plethora of Corona Virus tests on the market in the next few months.  The ability to quickly share this data with those that need it will become imperative.  From visiting grandma to going back to work, the right people need to know (and trust) your test results, but, sadly, a majority of the testing companies do not have the means to share results in this manner.  Data Ownership gives the OWNER of the test result (you and me) the right to share it with who needs it. 

Demographic infromation

In the opening weeks of the crisis, there was a lot of confusion around who was getting sick.  The first data set out of China showed very low death rate and severity rate for younger people. Since then, new data sets have shown people under 45 make up 40% of the ICU cases.  Poor decisions were made off of the first data.  Through data ownership, during a crisis, people can temporarily SHARE their personal data with authorities that need ti (non-profits, hospitals, universities, and even governments).  As the infection spreads, more can donate.  

Keep our rights

Several countries, including the US, are considering changing laws around data privacy so they can better track their citizens during a crisis like this.  Although the intent might be pure, this is a blatant violation of universal rights to privacy.  With data ownership, though, the government could ask for temporary access to your location data, step count, smart thermometer data, personal demographics, to better track the spread.  Even if 30% give access to their data, far better models could be built than exist today.  

Real-time economic updates

Through data ownership, you could quickly share your bank info (for a limited time) for stimulus checks, you could give the FED a look into your accounts to see the credits and debits to see if a stimulus is working, and they could see a dip of savings to show a job loss far quicker than unemployment numbers.  Additionally, by sharing your streaming history, data scientists can see if who is staying home and where.  Real data helps those in power make better decisions.  

Own your experience

When this crisis is over, we will have created a huge amount of data that should belong to us. After the self-quarantines come to an end, we should be able to close off sharing to those organizations, governments, and apps that we no longer want to have access.  With Rownd, you can go through and turn off your data flows in a second, rather than wait for the government and businesses to roll back their policies.  True Data Ownership allows you to share faster but also go "back to normal" faster as well.  

Key Features

Data Ownership OOTB

With Rownd's easy to use APIs and SDKs, you can get the latest in Data Ownership technology in any stack in minutes

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