Developer Platform Pricing

The Rownd Platform is built from the ground up to be secure, compliant with various international data privacy laws, and easy to use.  We believe that everyone deserves individual data ownership, privacy, and security and our platform and related APIs/SDKs make it easy and affordable to do so.  Try us out today!


1-100 unique users, 1GB

Add true data ownership to your application or website




1,000 users and 100 GB

Scale your data ownership and security risk reduction, plus up to three unique App IDs



Be the change

10,000 users and 1TB

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Need more? Contact us!  We can make it work


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We make it easy to add Rownd to your website or App with our simple APIs and SDK.  The Rownd Platform was built for developers by developers. 


Reduce risk

You shift the liability housing personal data to us.   You can focus on making your app more responsive and leave the data security and privacy to us.


Our job is to secure your customer's data.  We do this by giving each customer their own key to encrypt their data and you only hold a UUID - if your hacked, they gain nothing. 



Be are part of something big.  We want to change the data paradigm and make true data ownership and equity a reality We give everyone control over their data - this is a game-changer.

Are your apps ready for the data ownership revolation?

Regilations, laws, and consumer attitudes towards data ownership, privacy, security are changing.  Is your app compliant with the latest data laws in Europe?   Would your app be ready for changes to US laws?  Are you doing all that you can to protect your user's personal data?  Even the definition of "personal data" is evolving at different rates in different states.  The tech giants have legions of lawyers and developers to make one-off solutions - you have Rownd.