Be a part of the Data Ownership Revolution

Regulations, laws, and consumer attitudes towards data ownership, privacy, security are changing.  Is your app compliant with the latest data laws in Europe?   Would your app be ready for changes to US laws?  Are you doing all that you can to protect your user's personal data?  Even the definition of "personal data" is evolving at different rates in different states.  The tech giants have legions of lawyers and developers to make one-off solutions - you have Rownd.


Rownd let's use give your users unique control over their data, empowering them while saving you time and money.  


1-100 Unique users, 100MB of data

Add true data ownership to your application or website




1000 users, 100 GB of data

Scale your data ownership and security risk reduction, plus up to three unique App IDs




1000+ users, 100 GB+ data

We are cloud-scale. We can handle any number of users, any data types, and any amount of data


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