New Ventures 2020

Welcome to Rownd's website!   We are in the middle of a website migration and product launch (aiming for August), so you get to experience our new blog ( and in August we are launching a new, cleaner website and our Rownd Platform where developers can quickly onboard and utilize our OpenAPI and add data privacy and ownership to any app or website in minutes.  

A little more about me:

I am a US Air Force veteran. I served for eight years, leading hundreds in aircraft maintenance (F-15s!), leading 12 soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, in eastern-Afghanistan as a combat advisor team lead, and leading a 5 person team as the portfolio acquisitions group chief where I was responsible for billions of dollars a year in tax payer dollars.  Since leaving the military, I attended business school at Dartmouth, interned at Google, and have worked as a Senior Product Manager at IBM since, where I am the product owner for a $100M a year product.   I am a builder.   I build teams, I build people up, and I build products.  Data Ownership and Privacy is a once in a decade opportunity and the time is right to fundamentally change the world. 

Below, we have some promo videos (they are short, check them out if you have time), our deck, our executive summary, and some material from our most recent SBIR Contract Proposal.


It is a great honor to pitch to you and I would LOVE any feedback you have (  

This video was submitted a part of an Air Force SBIR Direct to Phase II - it is similar to the first, with a focus on the problems of government app development.  

Below you'll find some good resources including the deck from the pitch I just gave, the SIBR Technical Proposal goes into our plans for a Military use-case for Rownd (one of our goals for 2020 is to get a contract with the USAF to provide an easier method for onboarding Airmen data.  Other Letters of Support... are from early committed companies and those that have worked with me in the past (For the primary investigator for a SBIR).  SIGNED- Memo for AFWERX is from a Squadron commander saying how much they need Rownd to complete their mission.  The rest are pretty self explanatory.