Consumer App Pricing

Our stand-alone app is easy to use, secure and makes it easy to upload your valuable data and share it with other humans or, in the future, businesses and organizations.  Because we cannot see your data, we charge a small amount to cover our costs - there is no trade-off when using our platform!


1 user, 25GBs

Add just your own personal photos, videos, vital records, and information to share it with ease.




10 users, 500 GBs

Allow multiple family members (or friends - we don't require blood testing) to store and share anything.



My Vault

20 users, 2TBs

Connect within a very large family or a small business. Keep your data secure and make it easy to share!



Take control over YOUR data

You take the photos of your cute baby, you record the videos of your latest vacation, you make the pithy comments on your friends and family's latest adventures, but the largest companies in the world profit from it.  They take your photos, your videos, your personal information and they use it to train the Artificial Intellegence, which they then sell, they target advertisers to you, or, even worse, they straight-up sell YOU.  They sell you to the highest bidder so they can sell stuff to you.   Their apps are addictive and made to keep your eyes on as long as possible. We believe in a better world, one of data equity, one where you own your data.  Our app is easy to use and you can start sharing immediately. 


Easy to use interface lets you upload your photos, videos, and Personal Information  (name, address, phone number, e-mail, social media handles) for easy storage and sharing. 


We make it easy to share your secure data.  Add  friends, family, and colleagues to your "circles", each with its own privacy rules.  

We built Rownd from the ground up to be secure at the user level.  What that means is you are the only one that can see YOUR data unless you explicitly share it with someone else.  



You own your comments.  If you want to leave a circle or download all of your data and delete you account, we are more  than okay with that!  TI's yours!